Retreat Offerings

Retreat Offerings

Acupuncture | Activate your body’s self-healing process with an ancient practice that has been around for thousands of years: acupuncture.  Combined with organic foods, tai chi and qi gong, acupuncture will assist your body to align and harmonize.  By opening your meridians and creating qi movement through energy blockages you will feel the benefits of this treatment from relaxation and pain relief to a rejuvenated and energetic state.

The above service is for members of Dao USA only.

Alchemy | As the backbone of Daoism, true alchemy is essentially the breath behind the movement and the void behind the stillness.  Learn from Wu Dang Chen, an accomplished alchemist, how your breath defines not only who you are, but how it assimilates your destiny.  A true alchemist understands the meaning behind life, and those questions which we all chase for answers.  Find the answers and find yourself through alchemy.

Ayurvedic MedicineIs the Body-Mind-Spirit Herbal Medical System of Ancient India. It is the world’s oldest continuously practiced medical system.  Practiced properly, its approach to each person is that of Individualised Medicine, with unique, modifiable formulations created for each patient.

Ayurveda is a today a governmentally-supported health care system in the countries of India and Nepal, where it is often practiced in conjunction with Western Medicine. Numerous studies have verified the efficacy of Ayurvedic herbs as well as supporting Ayurveda’s claims about the primacy of the relationship of digestion to health.

The Ayurvedic Medicine toolkit for health includes all of the following types of recommendations:

  • A healthy lifestyle, which includes living in proper harmony with all aspects and beings of the natural world (including the bio-rhythms of our own bodies) and avoiding activities and habits which are causing or contributing to the presenting health issues.
  • Proper nutrition, including dietary practices and specific foods to help heal the person’s presenting conditions, including:
    • dietary recommendations to enhance digestion and remove aam (digestive toxins)
    • dietary recommendations to balance doshas (bio-energies)
    • research-based food items and dietary recommendations relevant to presenting conditions
  • Medicines, including herbs, herbal and mineral preparations, medicated oils, syrups, and teas, etc. Herbs are rarely taken singly in Ayurvedic practice. Rather, they are combined classically in certain ways in order to enhance and balance each others’ effects, and are formulated individually for each patient.
  • Panchakarma and Rasayana The cleansing and rejuvenation practices of Ayurveda are powerful methods for balancing the doshas, removing toxins from the body’s tissues, and addressing chronic conditions and illnesses.
  • Therapeutic Yoga Practices appropriate to the individual

Dao Yin | Also known as Daoist Yoga, this is an ancient yet simple and efficient form of movement.  You will learn ways to stretch every part of your body, combining breath and cultivation of Qi to maximize the harmony within.  Dao Yin is great for those who have never learned Tai Chi before to get acquainted with the philosophy behind the movements and breath; more specifically, how your breath moves your body and how your breath relaxes and stretches throughout your body to create a stronger flow of Qi.

Daoist Medical Qi Gong | Starting with an initial discussion, a well-trained Qi Gong healer will learn about your energy field and understand your specific concerns.  In turn, you will understand the need for balance and the improvement of Qi within your body.  Following the discussion, you will either sit in a chair or lay on a table to receive energy emissions without touch.  The healer will work with your Qi to replenish the weakness and discharge any imbalance.  You will experience the sensations of the Qi physically and mentally, resulting in a sense of balance and harmony.

Detoxification | Every one of us has blockages in the body and mind that cause an imbalance for our organs and emotions, resulting in feelings of unhappiness and stress on our body, which results in disease.  By studying the quality of your energy flow, we will tailor a plan that begins by detoxifying your organs through food, herbs and movement.  This will create a foundation for emotional and physical well-being so you are able to return to simplicity and live your true nature.

Herbal Body Soak | Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist herbal practice, and in accordance with your health condition and energy level, you will receive a specific herbal formula.  This formula will be prepared and cooked by Dao staff to be given to you.  It is mixed in a hot bath for you to soak in.  This allows you to get the most out of the formula by allowing your body to intake and receive the herbs through the pores on your skin.

Herbal Foot Steam | Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist herbal practice, and in accordance with your health condition and energy level, you will receive a specific herbal formula. This is best done in the evening before you end the day and go to bed.  The formula will be prepared by Dao staff and set up in the foot steam, which typically lasts between 45 minutes and one hour.  This will assist with the flow of Qi and blood.

Herbal Nutrition | One of our practitioners will listen and diagnose your health conditions and concerns.  A custom herbal program and nutritional plan will be developed for you.  You will come away with the knowledge of how to eat healthy and lead a balanced life, resulting in an increased quality of health.  To get the most out of an herbal nutritional consultation, you must continue to practice at home what you’ve learned.  It is suggested to return between one and six months for another consultation to revise the plan based on your progress.

Infrared Sauna | To assist in the detoxing process, infrared light with the ability to penetrate the skin produces sweat in a natural way to stay healthy, detox the body and purify the skin.  The infrared heat raises your core temperature, detoxifying the body on the cellular level where the toxins reside.  Detoxification not only strengthens the body’s immune system and functions, it also assists the body with digestion to benefit the most nutrition.

Massage | While eating and exercising right assist in your overall wellness, assistance from external remedies help rejuvenate your body faster.  Several massage techniques are available from therapeutic, lymph drainage and deep-tissue to reconstructive fascia and more.  A licensed massage therapists will work as an external healing force on your body under the recommendations of Wu Dang Chen.  The discomfort of your body will be eased by the unique techniques and massage work.

Meals | All meals are cooked with fresh, healthy, organic, sustainable and – when possible – local ingredients.  The meats are free range, no steroids or hormones and grass finished.  All meals are served buffet style from a seasonal menu.  Optional meal service upgrades include a personalized meal plan developed specifically for you after your nutritional consultation.  This service includes plated meals that can be served either in your room or the dining area of the restaurant.

Meditation | In the beginning stages of meditation, it is easy to be distracted by both body and mind.  As your body aches and twitches and you can’t seem to get comfortable, the mind entertains every thought ever imagined.  Learn how to work through it and find the stillness, how to grow deeper within and find the void.  Understand the true meaning of meditation and what is harvested from emptying your mind.

Nutrition | Nutrition is the foundation to longevity, and one of the main legs of our wellness program.  Nutrition is more than just what you eat.  It’s what you put on your skin topically, the beverages you drink, where the water you drink comes from, and other items you ingest, including vitamins, cold medicine and prescription medication.  Each program will include means of a nutritional consultation and information.  Whether in the form of a private Yi Jing consultation or full nutritional analysis, each guest will have some knowledge pertaining directly to them which they can take home to put into practical use.

Oxygen with Essential Oils | Almost everyone who travels here to Dao House, located at 9,200 feet, finds an immense benefit with our oxygen lounge.  Oxygen assists with high altitude sickness, headaches, issues sleeping, or revitalizes you to give you energy so you can hike Longs Peak!  The pure essential oil-infused oxygen assists your flow of Qi and brings balance back to your body.  A trained Dao staff member will assist your decision in which essential oil is best for your situation.  Oxygen sessions last either 30 or 45 minutes.

Quantum Reset Infusion for your Energy Field | Quantum Reset Infusion, also known as the Qu-BIT (Quantum Bio-field Infused Technology) is modern quantum physics at its best, and is the world’s first EMF-shielded quantum reset environment that blends proprietary subtle energy technologies.  The five subtle energy technologies that are fused with this device to restore the Human Bio-field are pulsed wave therapy, vibrational structuring, magnetism, bio-photo modulation and digital homeopathy.  By harmonizing the frequencies and vibrations into a scalar-rich zero-point experience, the Qu-BIT removes congestion and negative energy responsible for disease.

Reflexology | The soles of your feet contain energy points relating to each organ of the human body.  When we are not in optimum health, our organs are out of balance.  One way to assist the body in rebalancing is through the points on your feet, hands and ears that relate with specific symptoms of discomfort, sickness and causes of pain in the body.  By pressing certain points pain will be relieved and health can become restored through balance in your body.

Spiritual Consultation | Come and sit with Wu Dang Chen to discuss your concerns and wishes for your life journey.  We all have times of need to help with our body, mind and spirit; moments where we may feel lost and without direction.  When you lose your direction and become confused, it is due to a deficiency of Qi as a result of physical, emotional or mental challenges in your life. During your spiritual consultation, Wu Dang Chen will listen to your needs and concerns to assess the deficiencies and create a roadmap for you to move forward with your life.  This roadmap will give you a clear vision for your journey ahead and the inward strength to move forward.

Tai Chi or Qi Gong Exclusive | Learn Tai Chi or Qi Gong on a one-on-one basis with the undivided attention of a practitioner.  The techniques taught will be designed for you specifically and taught at your own pace.  Everyone has their own level of learning, and an exclusive Tai Chi or Qi Gong lesson is the best way to derive the most out of this ancient art.  Learn how to cooperate with your mind, body and breath to cultivate the quality of stillness and activate Qi.  After you activate your Qi, the next step is to gather, store and use Qi properly to prevent disease and promote longevity.

Vitamins & Supplements | After one of our practitioners evaluate your health concerns, they will work together to provide you with recommendations based on the combined principles of Functional and Chinese medicine.  These recommendations will consist of the appropriate vitamins and supplements for you to optimize your health.

Yi Jing & Life Planning Reading | Decode your DNA and life patterns through a Yi Jing reading.  Yi Jing uses your birthday, time and additional information to understand your life path, tendencies, weaknesses and strengths.  Advice can be found through one of these readings for the following, yet not limited to:

  1. Personal character strengths and weaknesses
  2. Your life’s mission: what is your gift and goal for this journey
  3. Relationships with your friends, spouse, nature and others
  4. Career strengths, choices, and the way to get ahead in your field and excel
  5. Health and wellness concerns, how to maintain your body and organs to prevent disease
  6. Housing choices, including where to live, when is best to move and what type of house to inhabit
  7. Life strategy, from planning the next nine months to nine years using your unique strengths and abilities to avoid conflict with nature; maximizing your quality of life