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“We Help People to Learn the Ancient Chinese Secrets

of Living a Longer and Better Life!”

Our trips are not just another tour…a tour just allows you to observe.
Rather, they are Journeys.
Journeys are restorative experiences that enlightens you…
and forever makes changes in your life.


New 2019 Journeys to Beijing

See our selection of journeys to Beijing, China. Also, soon to be available in 2019 will be the new Taoist wellness classes at a Colorado Rocky Mountain Retreat.

 If you would like to see a list of them, please click on the button below.

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Wellness-seeking Travelers

If you are looking to find restorative and transformative, self-healing experiences in exotic China settings such as ancient temples with breath-taking, scenic mountain locations, or in a quiet mountain retreat in the U.S. Rocky Mountains adjacent to the Rock Mountain National Park, please enter to see what we have for you!

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Solo Women Travelers

Stop missing out on a chance to bond with your relatives, friends, or other travelers. Travel is an excellent way to do this. Going to exotic places, seeing new cultures, and tasting different cuisines, provides the unique type of experiences that creates ties between you and your travel companions.

Don’t miss out on the adventure because you think you will be alone. Join us and see!

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