White Crane Healing Journeys LLC

  • Have you been searching for the magic bullets to help your health, wellness, and longevity?
  • Have you wanted to seek out schools having genuine Master Instructors who follow the ancient preventative-lifestyle teachings that have been handed down for centuries from Master to Disciple in China?
  • Have you ever wanted to visit China for some sightseeing but feel it is too intimidating, you don’t know the language or involves too much researching and effort?
  • Do you want to find out the least expensive way to visit China without cutting corners?

Look no further, we can help you!

Consulting Services

Helping you to decide where to go for the best schooling and/or sightseeing to learn and have fun. Save money, time, and researching. We have local contacts and have vetted many sightseeing companies, schools and instructors in China.

China Guide Services

We will accompany you and your group to any of the facilities that we offer you in China and do the following while you are there:

  • Act as your interpreter and facilitator.
  • Oversee and coordinate vendors for your trip.
  • In order to make your trip more enjoyable and assist you, we will accompany you from your arrival in China until the day you leave for home.

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