Our Story

White Crane

What do we offer now?

  • Our focus is doing what we do best and that is working with guiding small groups of senior travelers, like ourselves, who want to take trips that suit our way of life, interests, and at a speed that gives us time to enjoy wherever we go. Our goal is to provide a 4-star journey at reasonable prices by giving personalized services from just the two of us.

    In general, we now can do the following:
    • Taking people to China for wellness schooling, and/or participating in local cultural immersion with curated sightseeing.
    • Guiding Chinese people to to the U.S. as well as foreign destinations for unique, customized tours and cruises.
    • Taking groups to a Taoist Retreat in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

    Since there is just the two of us, we are open to most any reasonable or unusual requests to guide you on tours and cruises to interesting places. Give Sui a call with your wish (or bucket) list (941-493-0970).

In the beginning

Originally, Sui and I started off searching for ways to improving and extending our own lives. Along with this we wanted to help family members or people we knew who were either suffering from debilitating diseases or were dying prematurely when unsuccessfully relying on Western medicine for relief.

We traveled to many places in China searching out where Chinese Government Certified institutions and master qigong instructors could be found that were able to work with outsiders from other countries. These sources are little known to the outside world and even more difficult to find.

We were extremely successful in our search and have made working arrangements with them for training people in their successful methods and techniques. These have been handed down throughout the centuries and which are relatively easy to learn. We now bring that information to you so you too can share in spreading the word.

As long as possible, both Sui and I will personally accompany you to these schools and destinations to insure that you have an exceptional experience on these journeys. 

Why do we take people to China to learn how to live a longer and better life?

Simply, because it is our goal to spread the knowledge that we have found that enables you to better yourself, loved ones and people you care about. This site is dedicated to introducing you to one of the most advanced and effective wellness and healing systems the world has ever known. It has been proven effective for over 4,000 years and successfully used by millions of Chinese.

Another purpose of this site is to make you aware of the health and wellness training that is available in China. For too long, people have been unaware that most all the exposure to Eastern practices in the West today “originated” in the Eastern countries.Since we know China better than any of the others and feel it is the best choice overall for people to experience, that is why we set up this and a sister site www.chinesehealinginformationexchange.org.

With the modern and the Western lifestyle, we have seen an increase in diseases, obesity, and numerous other afflictions that now affect many of us and the people we know. Maybe it’s time to go back to relearn the “old ways” from the masters Chinese instructors who have a lifetime of training and are able to pass this knowledge down to you.

People seem to want to chase the latest fad exercise, miracle food diet, magical cure pill, etc. looking for the magic bullet to help them?  Remember the old sayings: “there’s nothing new under the sun?” There are those who take the “old” and repackage it with a new gimmicky name and advertising it as the new wonder food, cure-all or whatever….”a rose by any other name is still a rose.” Well…”if it ain’t broke…don’t fix it.”

Take the “Keto” fad diet that is high fat/low carbs that was so highly rated, look at one of the side effects.

What a lot of people tend to forget is that wellness or good health is not just doing “one” thing separately such as exercise, dieting, taking herbs, etc. to to help you, but instead by combining “all” the necessary elements into your daily lifestyle.

We feel it’s time to get back to the basics. Let’s go to the Qigong Masters who have this knowledge and let them get us back on track with a simple and more effective path to wellness and longevity. We know where they are….let us help get you there! We’ll be there right with you learning what we can.

By learning from these instructor Masters, you will receive the benefits of getting “undiluted” knowledge right from the original source of people who not only teach it, but live their lives by it even to this day.

Not only will it help you to learn about a “preventative” approach to maintaining your health and extending your life but in many cases you will find that it might be more effective in treating or healing ailments, conditions, or diseases you or anyone you know might have.

To our knowledge, we are one of the first to offer these continuing, exclusive courses, and subject matters to you on the basis and scope presented here. 

We are seniors ourselves and have organized our journeys in particular with seniors and solo travelers in mind. We have fashioned them along the lines what we would expect if we were one of the participants.

Please understand that we personally do not offer any medical advice or treatment of any kind nor do we make any warranties or guarantees of any treatments or cures of any kind. We are just a conduit of information to introduce you to these highly qualified instructors and places and help you to travel to these schools for educational purposes only.

What we do promise is that we have worked diligently to find and obtain the best and most reliable professional sources able to help educate and train you in their ancient, self-healing specialties to improve your health and quality of life. The rest is up to you and your dedication to wanting to help yourself.

In doing this, we hope to prove that these Eastern healing methods will benefit you greatly, be extremely cost effective, and provide you with a life-long restorative and transformative experience that you will find memorable and will change your life.

In turn, we ask that you help us in our quest to spread the word of what we are trying to accomplish here. If you find the information or experience worthwhile, please tell your friends. If not, please tell us (Info@WhiteCraneHealingJourneys.com) so we can make any improvements necessary.

There is a sister site where you will be able to find information, help, sources, forum, and research on matters related to Chinese healing. Strangely enough, it is called: www.chinesehealinginformationexchange.org. Check it out today!