Wudang Mountain Videos

These first videos are ones we personally made when visiting here.

White Crane Healing Journeys Fact Finding Trip (20:03 min. 

Wudang Priest Playing the Guquin (Chinese Zither) (10:56 min.)

Wudang Temple Taoist Prayer Session (3:20 min.)

Wudang Mountain Youth Wushu Trainees (9:49 min.)

Wudang,Home of Tai Chi Part 1 (25:37 min.)

Video courtesy of CCTV

Wudang,Home of Tai Chi Part 3 (25:32 min.)

Video courtesy of CCTV

Wudang,Home of Tai Chi Part 2 (25:39 min. )

Video courtesy of CCTV

Wudang Documentary (28:42 min. )

Video courtesy of Sino American Friendship Association

Unesco Heritage Site in Wudang

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The Secrets of Wudang Wushu: Chinese Monks Perfect The Grace and Power of a Chinese Martial Art  (30:47 min.)

video courtesy of RT Documentary

Wudang (Taoist) Warriors

In north China, you have the Shaolin school of Kung Fu. In the south, there are the Wudang Warriors and their style of Kung Fu. The links below will give you some information to clarify things.

The Taoist Warriors of Wudang

Shaolin and Wudang Styles of Kung Fu

The videos below will show you more.

Wonder of China: Wudang Tai Chi (31:07)

Courtesy of VideoChinaTV

Chinese Kung Fu Master – Wudang Tai Chi Kung Fu (49:51)

Courtesy of Chinese Wishes