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Tell Us Where You Want to Go! 

Our founders will personally lead you and your group on a journey to most anywhere in China that can be custom-crafted to your specifications. Tell us your dream….hopefully, we can make it come true. Being seniors ourselves, our recommendations are oriented primarily (but not exclusively) toward senior and solo travelers. 

We have no problem working with special interest groups such as solo women travelers, LGBT, people of color, etc. and will do whatever we are able to help you to get you to your “Bucket List” items in China.

Solo women travelers: We welcome and will be glad to work with you and/or with your group to cater to your wants and needs. If you are by yourself, we will try to help you to form a women’s only group for an enjoyable, safe experience.

If you would like us to give you a quote to prepare an itinerary for you, please download, fill out and to us our “China Wish List Questionnaire” by downloading it from our DropBox: Click here.

Filling out this list incurs no obligation on your part. With this you will be able to request a quote for preparing an itinerary. Additionally, if you cannot assemble a minimum group of 10 people, we will add you to a waiting list of others like yourself who we can combine into a group and then notify you when an opening in a trip that closely matches your specifications occurs. 

Mix and Match in China:


Go sightseeing for any number of weeks and at various locations of your choosing.

Select Healing and Wellness for any number of weeks and at many locations from Master Taoist Priest instructors at Chinese Temples, a U.S. Taoist Retreat and other similar places.

Experience Street Foodie Encounters

Don’t just watch these still pictures, see the real China in videos. Click here.

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