Beijing Itinerary – Introductory Level

An Introduction to Self-healing and Wellness

Beijing School PEK-3 and Sightseeing Itinerary


For the school itinerary for the 10-day White Crane Healing Journeys self-healing and wellness program, you will have the following. For the 25-day program, it will be essentially the same only providing longer exposure to some of the same segments.

  • Day 1:
    • Arrival W/ Qigong treatment
  • Day 2:
    • Qigong and Acupuncture showcase
    • Qigong lesson/practice
    • Welcome party
  • Day-3
    • Qigong meditation
    • Qigong/Acupuncture treatment/practice
    • Tantuo temple visit
    • Qigong lesson/practice
      Qigong practice
  • Day-4
    • Qigong meditation
    • Qigong/Acupuncture treatment/practice
    • Jixiang temple visit
    • Qigong lesson/practice
    • Piking duck dinner
    • Laojuntang 丹灸 visit
  • Day-5
    • Qigong meditation
    • Qigong
    • Acupuncture treatment/
    • Practice
  • Day-6
    • Badachu visit
    • Qigong/Acupuncture treatment/practice
    • Qigong lesson/practice
  • Day-7
    • Qigong meditation
    • Qigong/Acupuncture treatment/practice
    • Taichi Yinyang lesson
    • Learn to make dumplings
    • Qigong lesson/practice
  • Day-8
    • Qigong meditation
    • Qigong/Acupuncture treatment/practice
    • Yiheyuan sightseeing
    • Qigong lesson/practice
  • Day-9
    • Qigong meditation
    • Qigong/Acupuncture treatment/practice
    • City shopping
    • Graduation party
  • Dau-10 Departure

End of 10-day segment


For those people continuing on the 25-day program, Day-10 thru Day 15 will be more of the same mentioned above.

Note: For the 25-day program Day 1 thru 15 is at the school. Day 16 thru 25 is the sightseeing portion.

Below you will find more information about your days 16-25 sightseeing itinerary and the accommodations. This itinerary is a general outline of places to visit, but not necessarily in this order. Weather and other conditions might require a change of schedule or similar substitution. The free days are to accommodate  changes based on group’s wishes for free time activities and a few surprise events..

Food Lovers and Foodies: The dining places have been selected to give you a good cultural overview of some of the best cuisine, eating places and street vendors that Beijing has to offer. And very possibly, we might change any of these if we find something better along the way. 

DayPlace TransportToday’s ActivitiesAccommodationMeals
16. Beijing 
  • Your arrangements to get from the school hotel to Penta Hotel
Penta Hotel Beijing  
17.  Beijing 
  • Tai chi Experience at the Temple of Heaven
  • Temple of Heaven
  • Explore Hutong and Visit a Local Hutong Family and the  Houhai
  • Da Wan Ju Restaurant(Lunch)
  • Kao Rou Ji(Dinner)
Penta Hotel Beijing B,L,D
18.  Beijing 
  • Forbidden City Heritage Walk and Jinshan Park Tour
  • Baihe (Lily) Vegetarian Restaurant(Lunch)
  • Da Dong Roast Duck (Dinner)
Penta Hotel Beijing B,L,D
19.   Beijing 
  • The Mutianyu Great Wall(with round trip cable car)
  • Xian’r Lao Man (Dumplings and Baozi)(Lunch)
  • Haidilao Hot Pot(Dinner)
Penta Hotel Beijing B,L,D
20.  Beijing 
  • Cruise from Beijing Exhibition Center to the Summer Palace (30 mins, mainly local tourists)
  • Summer Palace with Boat Ride and the Garden of Virtue and Harmony
  • Old Beijing Noodle(Lunch)
  • Din Tai Fung(Dinner)
Penta Hotel Beijing B,L,D
21.  Beijing 
  • Beijing Ancient Architecture Museum
  • Liang Zi Massage Center (Foot Massage. 90 minutes)
  • Yuxiang Renjia (Sichuan Cuisine)(Lunch)
  • Mongolian Hot Pot at Donglaishun Restaurant(Dinner)
Penta Hotel Beijing B,L,D
22.   Beijing 
  • Free Day
Penta Hotel Beijing B
23.  Beijing 
  • Free Day
Penta Hotel Beijing B
24.  Beijing 
  • National Museum of China
  • Lama Temple
  • Yihe Spring Restaurant(Lunch)
  • Fangshan Cuisine(Farewell Dinner)
Penta Hotel Beijing B,L,D
25. Depart Beijing TBA (Your arrangements)
  • Hotel to airport Transfer (Beijing)