Limited Registration

Limited Registration and Payment Availability

Registration for our journeys are offered for limited periods of time only. The founders, Sui and Bill, who operate this small family-run operation, offering personalized services in a specialized area, have to limit our offerings as to when we are available to be able to personally provide for your needs and process your order.

We personally lead and supervise the journeys to China in addition to working on Holland America as Guest instructors on their Grand Voyages lasting anywhere for up to 4 months at a time. As a result we are not able to process your journey reservations unless we have access to the internet. This is not always available whenever we happen to be on these journeys or voyages.

Therefore, in order to serve you better, we have to limit the time when you can register to those times when we are available to be able to process them in a timely manner.

In addition, your payment balances need to be paid up in full by the dates shown prior to any journeys. This is necessary since we  have to pay the international air travel, schools and sightseeing companies at least 90 days in advance to secure your reservations.

Thank you for your understanding.