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Senior and Solo Traveler-Friendly

Learn self-healing and longevity techniques directly from the Masters where they originated.

Solo Women will enjoy these journeys as well as men. Solo doesn’t have to mean being alone when you travel. There will be others like you on our journeys.

There are no single supplement charges for single people if you will room with another traveler of the same sex. Every effort is made to provide a 4-star level or better (out of 5-stars) for food and accommodations for the sightseeing portion.

Some of the schools provide in-house accommodations which might not be the equivalent of a 4-star, but we deem them adequate and comfortable for the purpose of schooling where not much time will be spent in rooms. Also, it will provide a atmosphere conducive to what you are learning and the fellowship of other student where you can help each other in a group-therapy environment. This is particularly true with some of the schools in mountainous or remote locations.

We traveled to China (see Quality of Life page) in order to find the best Master instructors in self-healing medical qigong and TCM who are Government certified, highly trained, qualified, and regarded in their area of expertise. These are people who are:

  • Medical professionals who have created qigong self-healing styles or who have learned directly from the creator.
  • Medical professionals who have trained in medical facilities where medical qigong, TCM and other modalities were used to treat patients over many years.
  • Taoist priests who have been brought up and trained in various styles of qigong since their youth and who have been ordained to teach others.

Depending on the location, schooling lessons will be held in any of the following: Chinese Temples, private school facilities, university campuses, private medical centers, hotels and conference rooms, retreats and any other similar facility based on the school’s requirements and amenities.


The sightseeing portion of the journeys will be individually-crafted as follows:

  • Travelers will not be hurriedly herded around like sheep from place to place but have adequate time to see, take pix, and enjoy.
  • The trips will not have mandatory shopping stops.
  • Meals will be authentic Chinese cuisine and not Westernized adaptations.
  • We will explore some out-of-the-way sites and experiences where the main crowds tend to overlook.
  • We will include several UNESCO World Heritage sites when possible.


The typical schooling curriculum for all of our journeys are set up as follows:

The first journey which you will experience will involve two weeks of schooling (with some minor variation between the various schools) and is entitled an “Introduction to Self-healing and Wellness in which you will be instructed in:

  • Medical Qigong exercises used for a preventative healthcare and longevity lifestyle.
  • Meditation, breathing, and stress management training.
  • Qi and how to control it for self-healing.
  • Healing sounds.
  • Diet Nutrition for health and healing.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs applications.
  • Taoist Neidan internal alchemy.
  • Taoist culture introduction.

In these first journeys will be included several special sessions where you will join in with local people who have cancer. They are treating themselves  in order to try to heal themselves or improve their lives with a method approved by the Chinese Government.

The 7th day of the two 6-day weeks will either be free-days or scheduled with sightseeing. There will be 4 other free-days added including one after your arrival in China before school so you can adjust to the time change and one the day before you leave China (a total of 25 days).

After the schooling has completed, you will have approx. 7 more days for sightseeing which will vary according to the area where the school is located. 

The sightseeing portion of the journeys will be individually crafted as follows:

  • Travelers will not herded around like sheep from place to place but have adequate time to see, take pix, and enjoy.
  • The trips will not have mandatory shopping stops.
  • The meals served will be authentic Chinese cuisine and not Westernized food, whenever possible .
  • We will explore some out of the way sites and experiences where the crowds tend to overlook.
  • We will include several UNESCO World Heritage sites.

For more information, contact Sui today .

Subsequent journeys in later sessions you will attend involve higher levels of training (intermediate, advanced, instructor) to advance your knowledge and skills. These are available now but will be announced later. Contact us for further information at Bill@WhiteCraneHealingJourneys.com).

Handicapped Travel:

These journeys welcome people of all ages and please note that there are light to moderate degrees of physical activity (steps, etc.). Every effort will be made to accommodate handicapped travelers given that in China, and especially some of the ancient and historical UNESCO World Heritage Sites that make up our Journeys. Some locations do not yet provide for handicapped accessibility like in the USA.

We are working on organizing specialized journeys for handicapped people that will accommodate their needs, but they are not available at this time. Go to our Contact Page and let us know you are interested and we will put you on a special notifications list for when they are ready.